The Welding Gas System For UTHM

To design, supply and construct a gas piping system to deliver dissolved Acetylene and Oxygen gases from the storage yard to the 10 individual welding bays. The system includes semiautomatic gas switchovers to automatically switch from the depleted gas cylinders to the standby full cylinders without interrupting the supply.


Welding torch line regulators – Dissolved Acetylene and O2 gases.


Smaller steel tubings are joint onto the main gas pipes to supply the Dissolved Acetylene and O2 for individual drop points. Skilled labour is needed for such welding work.

Welding blowpipe

Welding bay with gas torch

System Training

Providing system training to client.




WhatsApp Image 2017-04-18 at 2.58.20 PM

N2 purging to clean the pipes of particles.

Semiauto Changeover

Semi-auto changeover manifold. It switches automatically when the gas cylinders bank become empty to the full spare gas cylinders bank.

Flashback arrester

Safety First- Flashback arresters are always used on any flammable gas line. It stops flames from reaching into the gas cylinder bank through the gas line.