FAQ for Website Users

FAQ for website users and guess browsing our site.

  • If you have a question not answered here in the FAQ section, please write to: contact@renorepairs.my
  • 1) What is it going to cost?

    This is a FREE website for you to use to find a reliable Service Providers. There are no hidden charges to pay.

  • 2) Who do I make payment to?

    All payments are be made to the company you hired to do the work, using their terms and conditions.

  • 3) How do I hire a Service Provider?

    Step 1- Contact the Service Provider.

    1. Visit our online directory to find the Service Provider.
    2. Please use the “Contact Vendor” Icon on the Service Provider’s profile page to fill in the description of the job and it would be forwarded to the Service Provider.
    3. You may contact as many Service Providers that you like for an estimate.

     Step 2- Hire the Service Provider.

    1. The Service Providers will reply with the price estimate for the work, you may decide who to hire.
    2. If you decide to proceed, the Service provider will fix an appointment for a site visit. After which he would prepare the final quotation.
    3. Once you accept the final quotation and pay the deposit, a Job number is generated by RenoRepairs as a reference to identify your project. (Job number is need for the customer review section and any future reference).

    Step 3- Give your review.

    1. Please provide a review of the service provider after all the work is completed. This information will be uploaded onto their profile page after verification (against the job number). Your review will help other to make better decisions in hiring only reliable Service Providers.
  • 4) If I have a problem with the Service Provider who do I complain to?

    If you have a valid complain against the Service Provider, you could write to us and we could help to mediate. Please use the “contact us” page in the website.

    If the work is completed not to agreed specification, we encourage you to provide a negative customer review and if there is any misconduct, we will bar him from our website.

  • 5) What are the misconducts that you will bar the Service Providers from your website?
    1. Stealing.
    2. Violence.
    3. Not completing the job as describe in the quotation.
    4. Giving another contractor the job you hired him for. This can only be done with your consent.
    5. Abandoning the job without completing it.
  • 6) What are the benefits of using RenoRepairs?
    1. The Service Providers on our website do their best to maintain their reputation (Good reviews are important). Therefore, they do a better job.
    2. Some Service Providers give discounts if they are book through the website and they give priority for jobs through the website.
  • 7) Is the Service Provider in RenoRepairs’ Directory working for you?

    No, they are independent businesses.

  • 8) Who provides the warranty for the work or products?

    The Service Providers will warranty their work and products based on their company’s terms & Conditions of sale. RenoRepairs will does Not provide any warranty. We only provide warranty claims for products sold on our Online Store.

  • 9) What is a Job number?

    This is a reference number to identify your project and links all related documents such as Quotation, Discount coupons, drawings, etc to that project.

    Without this number, you cannot to do a customer review or make any complaints against the Service Provider. This number is issued by RenoRepairs.