WELCOME to RenoRepairs

RenoRepairs is divided into two main business units:

RenoRepairs Engineering Solution prioritise in providing engineering solutions and project management services for the construction industry.

We specialise in:

  • Engineering Procurement and Product solutions.
  • Mechanical and Electrical works.
  • Civil Construction Works.
  • Remote location site office setup and maintenance.


RenoRepairs Web Services  primary is a renovation and repair web portal for property owners. This unit prioritise in providing:

  • Contractor / Tradesmen Directory and Reviews
  • Online Product Stores selling renovation materials and products.
  • Information on property renovation and improvement projects.


Unlike other web services, our company is a “One Stop Centre” that is stocked with equipment, renovation materials, reliable service contractors and resources to help you organise your projects. We also empower you with our library of information (Infopedia) to provide you with renovation or improvement ideas and current Malaysian industry standards.

We can provide the back ground check/information such as CTOS, pending court case, etc on the service providers for a minimum fee.